Wedding and ceremonies are friendly to organize for our staff.

We are able to organize wedding, party and all kind of ceremonies in Locanda or in other particular and different location like Agritourism, Country House, Gardens, Villas or some places in Rotecastello.

All events and wedding are organize as occasion may require by different costumers.

La Locanda del Borgo is  perfect  for a small wedding and ceremonies.

People wants like a special day in Locanda  because is a private very simple and much evocative.

Beyond the garden, the terrazzo and the Cantinetta we can use sometimes, with a particular allowed by the city hall, the very nice places of the Borgo for a very particular atmosphere.

All our staff is  professional and ready to organize all kind of details .

Also we can offer  full  service of  flowers, photos,  music,  accommodation, hair and make up, transfer and more because we have  a lot of professional collaboration.