La Cantinetta

La Cantinetta is the new space of the Locanda.
A place create for live music, where “ new music band” can find a stage where play music and make a performance.
A space where you can meet people, sharing time in a different tune and eating good food!
Restored under the winery of the family’ s house, la “ cantinetta” was a barn whre the grandfather of Francesco and Lucia used to make a wine.
A new brother’ s idea that after 10 years of Locanda want to grow up in a new place.
The Concept of “ la cantinetta” is create a new atmosphere in the territory.
Background is always the same: Rotecastello, the small amazing medieval village where Francesco and Lucia are grow up, the Locanda, dip in a very rich naturalist environment, where the traditional culture is the must important characteristic of this small territory between Monte Peglia and the Media Valle del Tevere.
At the beginning the Idea was like un provided!

With some fear but convinced that the intentions was good the Locanda’ s Brother win the challence!
La “ cantinetta” meet with outstanding success from the opening on September 2016 a lot of agreement and the already boasts a lot of people can breathe the old atmosphere like the most important club underground.
A Place for arts, music and more, La cantinetta is a new space to be added at the Locanda for tasting a good food.
Now is possible to accommodate 50 and more people, surrounded by music and mosaics of Francesco.
The informal background with excellent details, give to the guest, a very warm and familiars background very nice for every kind of party or remember days.