La Locanda

La Locanda del Borgo grow up inside a medieval village of Rotecastello, under a beautiful old tower.

A Family’ s house of Lucia and Francesco begin a typical small restaurant, where people can breathe a typical family’s Umbrian atmosphere.

La Locanda del Borgo is a “ Project” born on 2007 , always in progress with new ideas and respect of Umbrian tradition.

After study in Economy of Tourism in Assisi and post- degree experience in London, Lucia wants to came back in her small village Rotecastello and open the Locanda in her family’ s house.

With the aunt Chef Mariella, helping by grandmother Genoeffa and the artist brother Francesco, already owner of Laboratorio of Mosaics inside the same building.

In a very hot summer evening in august 2007 the Locanda del Borgo open the door to the public with an amazing buffet and a lot of live music, like a traditional friend’s party of Rotecastello.

Year by year , different style and different costumers, Locanda never lost the mission of hospitality and familiar tradition.

Nonna’s Genoeffa receipts are always the “ must” of the restaurant, a very traditional Umbrian cooking seasoned with history .

Once arrive in Rotecastello, people are catapulted in a small medieval village with just 11 inhabitant where time seems stopped.

La Locanda del Borgo respect the borgo and the environment. Eating in Locanda is like eating in a family’ s house where people lived, worked and hand down stories of traditions, friendship and hospitality.